Building digital products is where I thrive.
I design, build, manage and ship quality applications.

What I enjoy

  • Interfaces and design systems

  • Frontend development

  • Solving real problems

  • Learning new things


  • My daily driver is React with SSR.
    • I test my codes with Jest, Enzyme and headless browsers. Webpack for transpiles, gulp for test chains.
    • I'm using prettier with eslint for auto-linting, typescript or flow for type-checking.
    • Previously AngularJS, Angular 2+.
  • I write atomic CSS with postCSS these days.
    • I believe in developer friendliness, not hype, when it comes to tools, but css-in-js is golden.
    • Previously LESS and SASS.
  • I often find myself designing interfaces and interactions.
    • I very much like to see my ideas manifest as design systems.
    • I can also plan, test, and implement UX strategies that wraps around usability and supports business decisions.
    • Previously design direction, branding.
  • Have seen a lot of backend code driving REST APIs.
    • I usually helped design them, sometimes hands on.
    • I can probably still write NodeJS with MongoDB/MySQL.
    • Although I'd probably choose GraphQL.


Frontend Engineer

Samebug2017 - Present

Developer, Designer, Illustrator

Freelancing2006 - Present

Development Leader, Product Designer

Analogy / Practify2016 - 2017

Frontend Architect, Creative Developer

Analogy / Groupmind2015 - 2016

Senior Frontend Developer, Product Designer

Plays.IO2014 - 2015

Senior Graphic Designer, Frontend Developer


Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Mito Europe2009 - 2011